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Newsletters & Postcards

Do you need help with your business? Do you have a Mary Kay virtual assistant who is virtually no help? Are you doing most of your paper communications, newsletters, postcards etc. for your Mary Kay unit?

Director Double will help you maximize your business.

What makes me different from all the other Mary Kay virtual assistants? I was a successful director and left my position because of health reasons. You’ll feel like you have a clone of you to do things your way! I’m your DIRECTOR DOUBLE! I’ll give you the right wording, graphics, and messages in all your paper communication at the right time.

I offer you the best Mary Kay unit virtual assistant service at the best price! I also offer complete services. Many virtual assistants will prepare your newsletter but they won’t copy, staple, fold, stamp and mail. Many will send out postcards but not your newsletter. Director Double wants to help you with all of your paper communication so you can focus on person to person communication.

I am the person I wish I’d had when I was a busy director.

  • We will provide you with an exciting, informative newsletter on-time each month!
  • You can count on us to stay up to date with all the company news and promotions so your consultants can stay informed without you having to spend your valuable time preparing a newsletter.
  • We will get you your rough draft on or before the 10th of each month!
  • If you are mailing your newsletter through our service we offer 5 or more mailing dates each month and you get to choose when your newsletter is mailed.
  • We mail with first class postage so your newsletter is treated with the same care we will treat you!
  • We offer you the best service at the best price!
  • Our postcards are professionally printed, eye-catching and timely.
  • We track your consultant’s status (I-1, I-3, T12 etc.) and send out postcards to help them know when they need to place their wholesale order.
  • We also send out celebratory cards, your consultants will know you are thinking about them on those important days! (birthdays, anniversaries)
  • We also have new consultant cards, star postcards and thank you for your order postcards. We’re here to make you look good!

Why should you use a Virtual Assistant?

Like most businesses, your Mary Kay business thrives on communication, written, phone, and “in person” communication. However, there are only so many hours in the day for you to communicate. Do you want to be on top? Top Mary Kay directors spend 80% of their time with the top 20% of their unit. That top 20% generates 80% of the results. What about the other 80%? You still need to communicate with the other 80% of your unit. Most directors choose to communicate through newsletters and postcards to free up valuable time they can spend with their families and top-producing consultants. Consistency is the key with your communication. Unit members will look forward to their newsletter and will work harder to try to move up in the newsletter. I will allow you to stop pushing papers around your desk, stop sitting at your computer, and spend more time holding appointments, spending time with your family and having fun!