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As a former Senior director I understand how the Mary Kay business works.

I know how important communication is to your success. Many people wonder why I would want to be an assistant when I used to be a director. I had to step down to focus on my health and get over an illness. The assistant role is what I enjoy, and it allows me to continue to work with awesome Mary Kay women.

If you are like I was, I had to wear many hats as a director and I was never perfect at balancing everything. I knew I needed to delegate, and I had 6 different (in home) assistants during the 4 years that I was a director.   No, I’m not hard to work with- that’s just how it goes with employees: they have a baby, move out of state, get a different job, etc. and then you have to find, hire and train a new assistant, plus you have to find someone that you are comfortable having in your home. If they are not part of Mary Kay, you have to explain the whole Mary Kay business to them.

That is the great part about having me as your Director Double.  I take care of all your paper communication: no more piles of newsletters waiting to be stamped, no more postcards that you meant to send out but didn’t have a chance to address, and the best part is, you don’t have to train me or even tell me when to do it! I know just when to send out all the cards and newsletters so you don’t even have to think about it.